The Fast Lane

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The Fast Lane Bowling and Party Center specializes in fundraising! We do just promote the event. There are several options or you can invent your own! THERE IS NO COST AND NO RISK. Call us today for more information 330-753-6910

We are the perfect venue for fundraisers such as:

Reverse Raffles

Chinese Auctions


We can easily fit hundreds of people so the options are endless~We have great bowling fundraisers are a few ideas

Your organization can identify any Friday, Saturday or Sunday for your flier fundraiser. You simply need to pass out the fliers to your students, family and friends and tell them to bring it with them on the specified date. YOUR ORGANIZATION GETS 50% OF THE BOWLING SALES.

Your organization promotes the event via social media, radio/tv/print, or other means. One day of the week is reserved for your organization. Individuals come in and mentions that they are there for the fundraiser and 50% of the bowling sales come back to your organization. This fundraiser can go on for several weeks or months allowing more time for fundraising thus higher proceeds.

Individuals from your organization join a bowling/cornhole club. Participants would bowl once a week for 4 to 8 weeks (this is determined by your organization). A portion of the weekly rate would come back to your organization.

Your organization comes in for a great night of family fun! Your group gets two hours of bowling, shoes, pinsetter tours and use of our two-story giant slide! We charge $6.00 per person for the event and you can set the rate that you want to charge. You can add the Nerf Arena for $1 per person! This rate is based on what you feel your families can afford to pay. Most organizations will also have 50/50 drawings or raffles of donated items. This only increases your profits.

Scotch Doubles is a fun way to bowl! A two person team takes turns bowling in the same game. One person throws the first ball and the other tries for the spare. There are trick shot frames throughout the game where one needs to bowl with the wrong hand or bowl between their legs. This is a blast and everyone has a good time. We can host a scotch doubles for adults and/or children for your organization. We charge $14 per couple and you can set your asking price. You could also have 50/50 drawings and raffles to increase your profits.

Participants gets sponsors to pay per pin fall. We charge a flat fee of $6 per participant. They bowl three games and add up their scores to get the amounts. You can set the rate per pin.The more pledges, the more proceeds come to you!

A celebrity from your organization or community donates his or her time to come and bowl with the participants. Individuals bowl two games and their score is added to the totals of the celebrity for a series score. The participant/celebrity score that is the highest gets a trophy presented by the celebrity! We charge $5 and you could set your participation rate.
As you can see, there are many options for raising money for your group program. The Fast Lane does all the coordination, you just need to promote it! It is the easiest way around to have fun and raise money!!